Group Lesson

This class is very friendly and so much fun. Students learn speaking using texts. Also, they use I Pad and watching TV programs of overseas.
After watching them, they discuss about them together.It’s definitely enjoyable and you’ll have confidence more! We’re sure that you’ll want to learn English more and more!

Semi Private Lesson

This class is for some students(2 or 3). Please apply for it with your friends or family. And let us know about the details of text which are you want to learn in this class,please.
It’s really fun,too!

Private Lesson

This is one-to-one class. We focus on every subject which is you want to learn.(Speaking, Business, Medical English etc…)

Ticket Lesson

We recommend to people who are not able to come to the classes regularly every week. You have to choose and buy a 4 times ticket or 8 times one or 12 times one.
And When you take a lesson, you must hand it in one by one every time. So please reserve your next lessons each time.

Skype Lesson

It is convenient for students who are quite busy. You can take lessons at home. Please choose the date and time that you want to take them. You available one lesson from for 25 minutes.
The fees depend on the countries of teachers from. So you are able to select out of Indian, Filipino, New Zealander (Kiwi), American, and British.


This is a course for license tests. Professional teachers teach you very kindly.
We won’t be definitely wasted your time and efforts!