Group Lesson

Our adult group class is a friendly and fun class. The foucus of this class is on textbook and conversation. Students also practice with I-pad, television program and have discussion about it. We will make sure you enjoy the class and always leave the class more confident and encouraged towards English.

Semi Private Lesson

This class is for 2-3 people. Sometimes 2 friends or two members of a family would like to learn English together. They can choose what subjects they would like to learn. The class is fun and friendly.

Private Lesson

This class is one-on-one. It focuses on the improvement of your area of need either business, medical, conversation etc.

Ticket Lesson

Our ticket lesson is for those who are busy and cannot come on a regular bases. The students can buy tickets either 4,8 or 12 tickets. Every time we collect one ticket for your lesson.

Skype Lesson

This is convenient for those who cannot come to our office for any reason. It’s easy and you can do it from home.
You can choose your own time and day.
Minimum time is 25 minutes and prices are various with the teacher you choose.
A different teacher with different nationatlities has various prices. You can choose from Indian, Philippines, New Zealanders, American and English teachers.


These courses will help you get ready for your test. Our group of teachers is professional and friendly.
We guarantee your time and effort would be greatly rewarded.